So long! (EP)

by Robert Leslie

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This is an appropriate little collection at an appropriate time - anyone close to me will know the details and anyone else will be able to guess. I wrote the songs between January and June 2011 and recorded them all on one rainy day in July (except for I won't need them which was recorded as a demo a month earlier). The cover was a collaborative effort between me and my sister Louise, who provided some excellent biting and dirt-scraping assistance.

These stark electronic surroundings don't truly fit the mood, though. It's a tender album and it's best delivered live around a makeshift campfire, so try and see through to the more human components of the songs - the morning-after sheets, the crumpled train tickets, the missing mugs. I started recording this as another of my playful explosive-sounding tutti fruttis of overenthusiastic production, but this way is better for now - all songs are acoustic, recorded in one take, accompanying myself with my guitar.


released August 4, 2011

All songs composed, performed, and recorded by Robert Leslie. Cover art by Robert Leslie and Louise Bicker Caarten. Special thanks to David Luca for his advice and support.



all rights reserved


Robert Leslie New York, New York

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Track Name: So long!
framed there next to me that's her
lookin' like a dead fish
budget rooms and molting fur
not a story, not a wish
washing up an empty dish
still it all seems like a blur
bye-bye baby, all good times

storming like two years before
guess I'm makin' my traditions
still I'm crying out for more
finally finding my religion
wet enough I might go fishing
drying up I near the door
call it casting out a line

pressing pins in ancient maps
blue for maybe, red for yes
slowly filling all the gaps
no surprises, never guess,
never dream I'm not the best,
never miss the hours elapsed
hate the days, forget the time

I guess that I look older now
people smile but people pass
but I won't let them bring me down
peace of mind or piece of ass,
gotta live and make it last
gotta get it down somehow
pocket all the cents and dimes

and if another lecture hall
locks me in or tries to teach
more flawed ideas or battle calls
tell them that I can't be reached
tell them they've already leeched
my happiness, my wherewithal
they must be sick of all my sighin'

ah, come on now, everybody stop
I'm leaving soon, I've had enough
I've jumped the cliff, I've made the drop
don't think twice now, call the bluff -
yes it's painful, yes it's rough
but I'll be gone before the flop
so long guys, I'll be all right
Track Name: Venus, I need a plan
I told myself I'd live to gain by thinking on ahead
as it turned out I could only last a month 'fore I was dead

I didn't have the strength to read the book and take a leaf
I just waited for the fall to come and drop one down for me

venus, I need a plan
take me as I am or let me go
time to make a stand
to strike the silence down before it grows
out of hand

I told myself that coming clean would drive my demons out
then tell me why the light of truth casts silhouettes of doubt

they've killed me with survival speak, they've lured me in with fear
and they've led me down their stepping stones and now I'm never here

venus, I need a plan
take me as I am or let me go
time to make a stand
to strike the silence down before it grows
out of hand

I guess my death was merciful 'cause now my skies are plain
and still the morning comes to me, it's really all the same

and I won't have to think no more 'bout where the sun will stay
if you press your eyes up to the edge you'll see me walk away
Track Name: Missing you already
the reason that I had to be like this
was that I hoped that you would tell me
that as the days passed into weeks you would return my kiss
and that you'd stay here just to hold me
oh, but then you left alone
and I stood there in the doorway
missing you already

if all the reasons that I gave were wrong
I only gave them not to hurt you
every minute you don't want me seems to take too long
I guess it's easier to desert you
so I still wait for rain
and I wait for you to tell me
that you never really loved me

all this time you were by my side
all this time you just let me lay my head down on your shoulder
quietly getting colder

and now that I'm alone here comes my regret
but see the day's too old to call you
still I just hope that as you walk away you don't forget
that I will never cease to love you
oh, and when you left alone
I just turned around and closed my eyes
missing you already
Track Name: Must be grey
I've got some things to do
but my eyes turn away, must be grey
she'll be returning soon
come to tell me if she'll go or she'll stay

gotta go away

we've ceased to long for much
'cept for sunlight today, must be grey
drawn in that homesick clutch
I pencil the lines of her face

gotta go away

I don't mind if all my thoughts are broken
to see some truth I might decline
the right to all the wishes of which I have spoken
just so the day to come is mine

I hear her ocean voice
slowly turning my way, must be grey
stems from the only choice
I'll be gone soon I'll leave just the same

gotta go away
Track Name: I won't need them
when were you going to tell me
when were you going to say
when were you going to let me know
that you're going away

all these days I have waited
for your soft voice calling out to me
all the moments have faded
but I miss them
blame my memory

did you intend to hurt me
or did you just hope I would go
did you believe you were doing wrong
I'm not so sure if you know

were you really that jaded?
I mean I didn't - I didn't think the fault was mine
all the moments have faded
it was easy
all it took was time

how did you plan to inform me
how did you think it would end
how did you tell 'em about me
why do you call me a friend?

dirt roads smoky and shaded
wander on now, don't look back too long
all these moments have faded
but I won't need them
when at last I'm gone.